Tuesday, 5 August 2014

The Haunted Resort
(part 2)
          Hello again, everybody! You must have already read the previous part of the story. Well now I'm going to continue the story until the end.
          So there I was, walking alone to my parents' room but luckily the streetlights were on. I must say this, I was very scared. I was so relieved that my parents were in front of the block, talking to one of the senior assistants. Then, I asked my mom to accompany me in the room while I shower in the bathroom. After showering, I relaxed in the room for a couple of minutes and then started to walk to my room. My mom said that I was too brave already that just because I walked to their block alone doesn't make me a brave girl.

          So I left their block and start walking alone again to my room. When I reached the room, I knocked on the door. There was no respond from my friends. Then, all of a sudden I started to feel a little bit chilly. I looked at the surroundings of the block area and then suddenly I saw a long black hair passing through the end of the block. I was so scared that I almost hit the door and my teacher opened it. Then, I quickly jumped up the bed and grabbed the blanket. When I told my friends about what I saw outside, they said nothing but just laughing. They didn't believe me.

                                  THE END!!!!!

          But I considered it as the most extreme ghost story that has ever made in my entire life. So, throughout the story, do you believe in all the facts that I had stated in the story? Why?

Please share your comment or any other experience that you had like supernatural activities!!! 


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